Re: mp3 and gzip functions in gnome-vfs

On 3 Nov 2002, Christophe Fergeau wrote:

> While looking at gnome-vfs code, I noticed it has
> gnome_vfs_sniff_buffer_looks_like_mp3 and
> gnome_vfs_sniff_buffer_looks_like_gzip functions in
> gnome-vfs-mime-magic.c
> This is really weird imo to have such functions in gnome-vfs, so I was
> wondering if anyone knew if they were still useful, or if they could be
> removed ? If nobody knows, I'll try to remove them and see what happens.

They are both used by the gnome-vfs mime sniffing code, and as such is 
used by e.g. nautilus. They do make mime handling more accurate, so i 
don't see why we should remove them. "They look weird" is not a valid 

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