Re: bugzilla triage

I committed the various patches with changelog entries.

> > Here is also two bugs which are quite old but still relevant imo, and
> > which are quite ugly, but shouldn't be too difficult to fix:
> >
> 	That's going to need a larger audit / report here I guess ?

Yep, I'll probably check that more carefully when I have time. The
unescaping could be done when parsing an uri string in
gnome_vfs_uri_new, but that will probably break random stuff :(

> >
> 	Should be easy to fix; we should do that, can you test / commit a patch
> ?

For that one, I was wondering if construct like that are allowed :
GnomeVFSFileInfo info;
gnome_vfs_get_file_info (uri, &info, ...);

If so, fixing 41279 isn't as simple as freeing the various strings if
they are non null before replacing them :(

Thanks for looking at this bug list,


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