Re: getting the list of all gnome-vfs modules

Hi Jeff,

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 12:04, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Great; thanks for the fixes. Firstly - it is increasingly unclear to me
> > where this work should go; the release team have just analy frozen the
> > 2.0.X branches permanantly.
> Is there any release team relevant content in this email apart from this
> random inaccuracy

	Firstly yes; secondly the random inaccuracy flowed from your mail:

Today we have a code freeze for the 2.0.x branch, any further changes
require release team confirmation. String changes also require i18n team

	The string freeze AFAIK has been ongoing through the 2.0.X lifecycle
and is becoming progressively deeper frozen; it sounds like you're
saying that any further 2.0.x changes [ where x=2,3,4... ] will require
release team confirmation in a similar fashion.

	If that's not the case - great; really good, I'm most glad to hear it -
very sensible.

>  (and API/ABI issues with gnome-vfs)?

	The ABI / API / continual releasability issues with gnome-vfs are far
more interesting, and the main substance of the mail. Clearly if we can
still fix such [ non critical ] bugs in the 2.0.X lifetime there is far
less of a problem.

>  We have not frozen 2.0.x permanently, merely for the 2.0.2 release.

	Great; a micro-branch, or just a dose of patience will suffice then.

> If you have a question about the release process, please phrase it as
>  such!

	As per my mail in reply to that containing the above snippet; hopefully
it's clear you're talking to an anal audience in me at least who need a
high degree of precision and disambiguity in incoming mail ;-)

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