getting the list of all gnome-vfs modules

Over the week end, I played with gnome-vfs/nautilus/various apps to see how well non local file browsing was handled compared with local file browsing. I quickly saw that it was far from working as well as I wished. 
One of the things that should be fixed is that currently an app can't tell in its .application file that it uses gnome-vfs, it has to explicitly tell which uris it can handle (ie ftp, http and so on). The developer obviously can't know which gnome-vfs modules the user will have installed on his box. 
While browsing through gnome-vfs docs, I saw this was planned: from doc/mime-data-specification.txt
5. [to be implemented] all_gnome_vfs_schemes_supported: If "true", all
   gnome-vfs schemes should be included in the set of "supported
   schemes". Other schemes can be added by also including a
   supported_uri_schemes key as well.  

So I wanted to implement that, but I was quickly stopped: I couldn't find a way to know which methods are available (the modules seem to be loaded on demand, and gnome-vfs never know the list of all modules).

Does anyone have any hints on how I can do that ?



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