Re: getting the list of all gnome-vfs modules

Hi Christophe,

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 14:01, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> And this patch compiles which is even better

	Great; thanks for the fixes. Firstly - it is increasingly unclear to me
where this work should go; the release team have just analy frozen the
2.0.X branches permanantly.

	However - there is the acute problem that by design gnome-vfs HEAD is
not ready for release as 2.2 until the Gob stuff used for prototyping
has been removed.

	Thus; it's _extremely_ unclear what to do about gnome-vfs; Seth - are
you still working on HEAD ? what state is it in ? is it going to be
possible to snapshot and develop against that ? is anyone working on it
? - the only work I can see in the last many weeks has been forward
porting effort moving patches from gnome-2-0 [ I hope they're all on
both branches ]. There is a set of nice work in HEAD, pruning crufty
APIs, and better documenting some methods, but we badly need man-power
in there to get it into shape.

	What's the plan Seth ? we need gnome-vfs HEAD to be in a permanantly
releasable and working state; is it ?

	Also - are you certain that none of of your changes broke API / ABI
compatibility in there [beyond that for the modules?].

	So - Christophe; it seems until this is resolved it's not possible to
commit your fix/feature. Oh and this code:

+               supported_uris =
+               res = (g_list_find_custom(supported_uris,
+                                         /*glib is const
incorrect*/(gpointer) uri_scheme,
+                                         (GCompareFunc) strcmp) !=
+               g_list_foreach(supported_uris, (GFunc) g_free, NULL);
+               g_list_free(supported_uris);
+               return res;

	Seems to return a freed string.



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