Re: KDE booth sharing (was: Eh? GNOME-uk LinuxExpo involvement)

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Lance Davis wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Paul Sladen wrote:
> > ** Lance: could you confirm if/that GNOME are welcome and being expected. **
> Gnome have not responded [..] My contact was behdad behdad org ??

Jackpot! (I think Behdad is based on the West-coast of America!).

> They would have been very welcome and are still welcome if they can find 
> someone to share a pod with , but at the moment all of the pods are 
> allocated ...

Paul (Adams): GNOME (for reasons unimportant) don't have a stand;  would you
be willing to accomodate GNOME on the edge of the KDE booth, if no other
space turns up?

This wouldn't be far from the joint GNOME/KDE/FD.o stand that has happened
in the past, just perhaps a little tighter.

Why do one side of a triangle when you can do all three.  Somewhere, GB.

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