Cancelling GNOME-uk LinuxExpo involvement

Dear all,
	It is with regret that I must cancel the GNOME-uk involvement in Linux
Expo 2008.  As it currently stands I've not received confirmation that
we have a stand at the Expo and I don't want to ask people to turn up
(taking days off work) without such confirmation.
	At the root of the issue is my assumption that GNOME had been invited
to present at the Expo i.e. that we had previously confirmed our
involvement.  My assumption was based on the information on the
LinuxExpo web page and is, sadly,  not true.  I apologise for wasting
peoples' time without having performed the required groundwork.
	I have tried, in the past few days - weeks and months, to contact the
LinuxExpo organisers.  However, they are understandably busy and have
not replied to any of my emails.  It is because I cannot validate my
initial assumption that I'm calling off our involvement in LinuxExpo.
Mea culpa.
George: can you ack this email.  I want to make sure that you know.

Aidan Delaney

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