Possibly restricting GNOME's LinuxExpo involvement

Dear all,
	Thomas and I had a discussion today and we've all but decided to
restrict the involvement of GNOME-uk in this year's LinuxExpo to
Saturday 25th.  It's simply a lack of people to cover the stand on
Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th.
	The timetable (http://live.gnome.org/LinuxExpoUK2008) shows that I can
cover the 23rd and 25th, Thomas can cover the 25th and Michael can
probably help out on the 25th also.  I'll have to cancel some of my
lectures (I'm the lecturer) to turn up on the 23rd and given that no-one
can cover the 24th, and I don't want to leave equipment unattended on
the stand, it's more practical to simply concentrate on the Saturday.
	I appreciate that everyone has a day-job or is a student or finds
travelling into London to be expensive (/me shakes fist at stupid
privatised train system).  However, if two people could find the time to
cover the 24th we can run for the entire 3 days.  If not, then we'll run
on the Saturday only.
	Plus LinuxExpo organisers have still not confirmed anything with us.
I'll sort that one out soon though ;-P

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