Linux Expo 2008 23rd-25th October

Dear all,
	Similar to Michael's plea for volunteers, I'm looking for some of you
to man the stand at Linux Expo 2008 later on this month in London.
Sign-up page is here:

What's involved: I'll have a range of GNOME running machines on the
stand (provided by the GNOME Foundation).  Your task is to
enthusiastically explain GNOME to interested passers by.

Who can do this?:  Anyone.  I don't care if you're a GNOME user of 3
months or an uber l33t hacker like Michael; you all have something to
contribute.  Helping at Linux Expo is a nice way to meet other GNOMErs,
KDErs, Debian peeps and many others.  If you're interested in GNOME and
free software you'll be of great help.


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