Re: Abuse of GNOME "foot" logo by UK Government

Michael et al,
On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 15:52 +0000, Michael Wood wrote:
> > Of course, the video is massively misleading... CO2 emissions from
> > electricity have no relation to how much consumers use; it's the
> > fossil fuel burning to keep the National Grid full that generates
> > these emissions.
I think the commentary in this video makes that quite clear.

> Sorry, I wouldn't recognise it as the gnome logo; it's the wrong shape
> and also it is clear that it is part of a logo in it's own right.
I have to disagree with you here.  The Gnome logo is a left footprint
stylised as a Latin capital G.  The footprint in the C02 logo is a right
footprint.  Ordinarily I would think that the use of the C02 logo is
distinguishable from the Gnome logo, however when related to computers
and computing equipment I'd find it hard to distinguish.

One has to remember that trademarks must be defended.  Whilst I don't
think that this is a major issue, maybe we should bring it to the
attention of the Gnome board.  They might then be able to send an
non-legal letter to the department in question advising them that the
Gnome logo is trademarked and used in the area of computing.


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