Re: Abuse of GNOME "foot" logo by UK Government

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> Enter supposedly innocent UK Goverment video:
> If you watch the last few seconds, you will see an accurate likeness
> of the GNOME "foot" logo inside the second letter "O" of the "Act On
> CO2" slogan. I don't know if the GNOME "foot" logo is copyrighted, but
> the video may give GNOME a bad name anyway as a "foot" picture is used
> in quite a derogatory fashion here.
> Of course, the video is massively misleading... CO2 emissions from
> electricity have no relation to how much consumers use; it's the
> fossil fuel burning to keep the National Grid full that generates
> these emissions. Consumer use (excepting electrical
> generators/rechargeable hybrid cars) is carbon neutral.
> CO2 isn't a pollutant either, at today's overall low concentration.
> How easy is it to sue UK Government for such a contrivance?
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Sorry, I wouldn't recognise it as the gnome logo; it's the wrong shape and also it is clear that it is part of a logo in it's own right.

I also don't find the video missleading. The supply and demand principle directly relates fossil fule use (and therefore additional c02 into atmosphere) with consumer demand, the national grid only puts in as much energy as is being demanded. In the current situation mostly fossile fules are meeting this. Which is why the video is saying, please reduce unecessary demand (waste).


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