Abuse of GNOME "foot" logo by UK Government

Enter supposedly innocent UK Goverment video:
If you watch the last few seconds, you will see an accurate likeness
of the GNOME "foot" logo inside the second letter "O" of the "Act On
CO2" slogan. I don't know if the GNOME "foot" logo is copyrighted, but
the video may give GNOME a bad name anyway as a "foot" picture is used
in quite a derogatory fashion here.
Of course, the video is massively misleading... CO2 emissions from
electricity have no relation to how much consumers use; it's the
fossil fuel burning to keep the National Grid full that generates
these emissions. Consumer use (excepting electrical
generators/rechargeable hybrid cars) is carbon neutral.
CO2 isn't a pollutant either, at today's overall low concentration.
How easy is it to sue UK Government for such a contrivance?

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