Re: GUADEC 2007 - POS

A J Delaney brighton ac uk wrote:
On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 16:40 +0000, Dave Lamb wrote:
Below is a link to some POS that may be used for advertise GUADEC 2007
- comments and feedback welcome.
These posters would be great if students knew what GUADEC was.  If we're
interested in attracting new meat then we may need to pitch it
differently such as
"Want to see the latest desktop technology?"
or something to that effect.

Sounds good - although we probably will find most of our audience in those that already run and use linux. Perhaps we should say something along the lines about the GNOME project being the project that powers Ubuntu/Fedora/etc? I'm sure lots of people know the distros, but don't really know that the desktop software is actually a separate project.

BTW: is there a GUADEC 8 logo yet? or are we using the generic Guadec
with the blue boxes?

There was a decision last year to start using the same logo at each Guadec.



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