Re: BBC Weather Applet?

I know we talked about screen scraping from the BBC weather website on
this list before and that's obviously a suboptimal solution. However,
now that there are RSS feeds available from, does
anyone know of any panel applet that uses them? Is it possible to
persuade the standard weather panel applet to read them?

Is there a standard for weather over RSS? Or could it be that we could push for the bbc format to be ratified as a pseudo standard?

It would be far better to extend weather over RSS to a world wide standard solution then make it a part of gnome weather applet etc... I think locking it down to just the bbc and just the UK (or however far the bbc weather extends).

The closest weather source to me I can find is Heathrow, which is some
30 miles away. It'd be nice to be able to use the BBC sources, as I
assume they'd be more accurate.

I know this same issue, the closest to me is heathrow also, which is about 100 miles away!


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