Re: Divergences between ubuntu-l10n and gnome-i18n regarding en_GB

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:56:31 +0100, Toby Smithe <toby smithe gmail com> wrote:
Woah! Long subject, but it gets the message across. What should we do at
Ubuntu regarding any differences between the teams, as keeping these to
a minimum would reduce work for both? For instance, regarding the
decision to translate "Trash" in en_US as "Deleted Items [Folder]"
(which was concluded from a Launchpad team poll, and is now the standard
for Edgy) depending on context in en_GB, there is a divergence there
from "Wastebasket".

I counter your cc to the ubuntu list and add the Gnome UK list ;-) Though I've dropped the gnome-i18n list as we don't want to bore the non-English people!

I'm happy either way, to tell you the truth I've never been happy with "Wastebasket", but "Deleted Items" doesn't do it for me either (too prosaic). It's relatively easy to whip up a script (a few lines of sed would do it) to do the changes en masse.

Personally I always remove the evil thing as soon as I see it!


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