Translations and misuse of Language...

First off, I agree with Thomas and Alex... 
...with an exception, a comment and a laugh.  Here we go!

Exception:	If there was a "Cockney rhyming slang" translation, what would come next?
			Expectation:		Ethnic slang to represent every colour of the rainbow
							Closely followed by local slang from every town with a lingo!
			Opinion:			NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOoooooo......!!!

Comment:	When I clicked on the link, I was expecting to get that "Rubber Vs Eraser" stuff.

Laugh:		Инагда, людейᴫ не могут выборить язык компютера, так...
"Sometimes people don't pick the computer's language, so..." we should use our English properly and clearly. 
 We DO want Gnome desktops in business as well in homes, don't we?  
So, if you think "Start over" is bad (pass the bucket, please!)... then see this:

Learning a little Russian has made think about how confusing English phrases must be to foreigners.
So, try this and be convinced, you can combine these words to say anything you want in English, ANYTHING!
Have fun and notice how few words we really need!

Instructions:		Pick a word from the first list.  Pick one from the second.  Combine & translate.
				Next, pick the opposite word from the second list and retranslate.  Do opposites match? 
				Example "Get up", opposite of "up": "down",  "Get up" and "Get down" are not opposites!
List 1:			Make, take, get, do, be, f* (sorry) --- and if you get fed up and want more, 
				then include here "Face, look, hang, pick, throw, knock, find..."
List 2:			Up, down, in, out, on, off, under, over, above below, around, about.

If your head's "DONE IN",  you know where you can...
 "GET OFF" if you "MAKE OUT" you can "DO me IN" and "KNOCK OFF" my bank account!

So, I'll "START OVER"...  Clear message, CLEAR ENGLISH!!! (-:=

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