Re: GUADEC Travel to BCN

On Fri, May 05, 2006 09:15:58AM +0100, Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Thu, 4 May 2006, Thomas Wood wrote:
> > I am currently wondering how to get to Barcelona for GUADEC this year. 
> My *favourite* way to get to Barcelona, which I've yet to do, would be:
>   Eurostar London->Paris
>   Overnight Sleeper ('TrenHotel') Paris->Barcelona.
> This allows you to leave London after work and arrive in the middle of
> Barcelona with the benefit of a good nights sleep early the next morning.

I recently stumbled across and its copious
detail about non-air travel from the UK to elsewhere. The London-
Europe information starts at and looks worth a read too. 

There are lots of useful hints like when it is cheaper to book two
legs of a journey separately and recommended connection times in
different places. Oh, and I hope Paul knows about this (from that
site) -- "Bikes are not carried (other than in bike bags) on the 
Paris-Spain 'trainhotels'"


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