Re: GUADEC Travel to BCN

On Thu, 4 May 2006, Thomas Wood wrote:
> I am currently wondering how to get to Barcelona for GUADEC this year. 

I did London->Lyon->Barcelona and back last month---26 hours on the coach
each way (but I nipped over to Geneva on the way back).  Price 60.00-90.00
GBP depending on whether you book in advance, but it does have the advantage
that you can walk up and buy a ticket 10minutes before the bus leaves.  

> Someone mentioned Ryanair, but I have no experiance with them. Any
> advice would be welcome!

Even more slick and streamlined than Easyjet.  No you can not have a pony.
Spain actually has affordable, efficient trains, so you likely want to fly
to Girona, pay 1.00 Euro for the bus to Girona railway station (or cycl your
Brompton folding bike) and then pay about another 3.00 Euros for the 1 hour
train journey south to Barcelona.

BA also do Gatwick->Barcelona for 69.00 GBP return or something similar, the
expensive bit for both of the above is getting to the airport at this end.

My *favourite* way to get to Barcelona, which I've yet to do, would be:

  Eurostar London->Paris
  Overnight Sleeper ('TrenHotel') Paris->Barcelona.

This allows you to leave London after work and arrive in the middle of
Barcelona with the benefit of a good nights sleep early the next morning.

Another option for the flying types is to fly to Perpigan (just over the
French border) and the train from there to Barcelona is about 14.00 Euro
each way (yes, an international journey for half the price of the Stansted
"Express' ticket).

> I've put up a wiki page so people can record their who's going and their 
> travel plans:

The ever efficient people at Debian UK have:

thus far, quite sparse.

High on a Spanish mountain, surrounded by howling dogs.  London, GB

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