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  • [GNOME-TR] gcompris - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 577823] turkish language is imposed in reply message, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 574860] Inconsistent strftime translations in Evolution & Evolution-Data-Server, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 445267] some evolution translation errors / request for clarifications, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 573441] bad command line parameter translations in dasher, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 648404] gnome-shell: 12-hour string translated as a 24-hour string, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 475975] Playback ve switchler, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 574829] Wrong translation of boolean values in Dasher, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] dasher - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gnome-media - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 475984] "switchler", l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] =?utf-8?b?W0J1ZyAxNjY2NTddIFR1cmtpc2g6ICIgUmVzaW0tZMO2?= =?utf-8?b?bsO8w750w7xyICIgeWVyaW5lICIgUmVzaW0tZMO2bmTDvHIgIiB2ZXlhICIg?= =?utf-8?q?Resim-=C3=A7evir_=22_denmeli=2E?=, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] =?utf-8?q?=5BBug_575087=5D__Men=C3=BCde_ufak_bir_yaz?= =?utf-8?b?xLFtIGhhdGFzxLE=?=, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] =?utf-8?b?W0J1ZyA1Mzc3NzldICB0w7xya8OnZSDDp2V2aXJpIGRv?= =?utf-8?q?syas=C4=B1_=28translation_file_for_Istanbul=29?=, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] istanbul - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 537432] Brasero Turkish Translation File, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 399391] Several items are not localized in tr_TR (Turkish) locale, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] [Bug 610135] WebKitGTK+ translation needed, l10n
  • [GNOME-TR] =?iso-8859-1?q?URI_ve_URL_=E7evirileri?=, Muhammet Kara
  • [GNOME-TR] glade - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] planner - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gnome-settings-daemon - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gtksourceview - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gtksourceview - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] bakery - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] the-board - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gnome-screensaver - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] totem - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gnome-disk-utility - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] tomboy - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gparted - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gucharmap - master, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] gucharmap - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] nautilus - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [GNOME-TR] nautilus - master, noreply

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