Re: Also new

> On 09.04.2010 19:13, Calum Benson <calum benson oracle com>
>  wrote:
> There are people here, but it has always been a quiet list. Up to now
> it's mostly been used for discussing issues with the core GNOME themes,
> which are part of the gnome-icon-theme, gnome-themes and gtk-engines
> modules. But feel free to discuss anything else about themes that you
> want to :)

is anybody working on an official symbol / icon for microblogging?
or is somebody here active in gwibber's interface design?

> (There are also separate usability and accessibility lists, for issues
> that specifically relate to those topics.)

thanks a lot, callum, i'm very happy to see there are indeed people around in here..
is the current HIG-Book your work?
i was extremely impressed by these concepts..

greetings from Berlin


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