Re: Also new

On 04/09/2010 06:26 PM, Diego Liedo Lavaniegos wrote:
Hi Frederik and Diarpurl, I'm also new in this list, I've sent another e-mail but didn't pass through due to size limitations. I haven't got a wiki, I use gnome 2.28.1 under ubuntu 9.10. I suscribed to this list because I was making a set of icons and I'd like some help to finish it. I'm already using several of this icons which I'm drawing in the gimp and have in a .xcf gimp file.�
Would you happen to know how to get this started?
hey Diego ;)

got a screenshot?
this is nice ;)
i am interested in communicative interface design.. that's why i'm here
my field is gui-logic, usability and accessability issues

unfortunately i don't see anybody except us 3 around here..
perhaps they all moved down to ubuntu or somewhere else..  ??

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