Re: New member

В 20:36 +0200 на 12.04.2009 (нд), Andreas Nilsson написа:
> Hi Anton!
> I like your work on New Wave. Welcome to the team!

Thank you!

> * New widget theme and cleaner appearance.
> I think we need a new widget theme, and this is also something mentioned 
> in the wider 3.0 plan [1]. It would be nice with something light and 
> clean. The current look is a bit heavy with lots of bevels going on and 
> lots of lines everywhere (not only related to the theme though). The 
> other desktops (vista, osx, kde4) seems to go for a quite heavy and 
> glassy look and it would be cool with something different from this (and 
> what about making stuff green instead of the dominating blue?). This 
> would also require to clean up our current cluttered appearance, #557469 
> [2] is a step on the way (once it get in), but I think we could do the 
> same for button icons.
> A new theme might require a new engine, but a sane approach is probably 
> design first and code later.

As you have seen gtk themes are my specialty :) I can help with the
theme and I have send a pdf document to #gnome-shell about perspectives
of integration between the shell and gtk and the new file browser. I
agree with you about the menus but we should not be too drastic with
such kind of stuff because sometimes pictures help a lot for the
usability if are amongst items with no images. Could I even suggest to
remove the menubars and make a new control like entry in which you type
the first letter of a menu and the corresponding submenu would appear
beneath. Still there would be a way to get the whole menu listed
somehow. I attach a preview of my idea. In it the submenu is not
complete but you get the general idea.

> * New look & feel for the website.

Could help too but I've never done such kind of work so probably i won't
be of any use.

> * Icons.
> Lapo and Jimmac have been working hard on new icons mixing the best 
> parts of tango-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme with lots of nice 256x256 
> icons. We need more of those.

I like what are they doing and I hope they finish it in time for Gnome

> * Other stuff
> Stuff that probably needs some work: HighContrast icons, better sounds, 
> visual design for dialogs, updated games graphics, visual help with the 
> journal and shell, nice looking printed materials about 3.0 for 
> conferences and fairs.

I'm interested in that design for dialogs. What is this exactly? I can
help with the games and definitely with the shell and journal.


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