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Anton Kerezov wrote:
В 20:36 +0200 на 12.04.2009 (нд), Andreas Nilsson написа:
* New widget theme and cleaner appearance.
I think we need a new widget theme, and this is also something mentioned in the wider 3.0 plan [1]. It would be nice with something light and clean. The current look is a bit heavy with lots of bevels going on and lots of lines everywhere (not only related to the theme though). The other desktops (vista, osx, kde4) seems to go for a quite heavy and glassy look and it would be cool with something different from this (and what about making stuff green instead of the dominating blue?). This would also require to clean up our current cluttered appearance, #557469 [2] is a step on the way (once it get in), but I think we could do the same for button icons.
I agree with you about the menus but we should not be too drastic with
such kind of stuff because sometimes pictures help a lot for the
usability if are amongst items with no images.
I don't think it's that drastic really. As it says in the bug report, our current approach seems to be to have icons for the things the artists get around to drawing, instead of it having any actual meaning. When discussing this with Matthew Paul Thomas, we discussed the possibility of using icons in certain situations (ie. if the menu entry is a physical drive or in a drawing app when the entry represent something that is hard to communicate with a word alone). This clearly needs proper guidelines, but we should help where we can to identify that it works properly once implemented.
Could I even suggest to
remove the menubars and make a new control like entry in which you type
the first letter of a menu and the corresponding submenu would appear
beneath. Still there would be a way to get the whole menu listed
somehow. I attach a preview of my idea. In it the submenu is not
complete but you get the general idea.
UI design isn't really my field, I guess you should run that across the usability-list. Note that there is a UI person involved in #557469 (mpt).

* Other stuff
Stuff that probably needs some work: HighContrast icons, better sounds, visual design for dialogs, updated games graphics, visual help with the journal and shell, nice looking printed materials about 3.0 for conferences and fairs.

I'm interested in that design for dialogs. What is this exactly? I can
help with the games and definitely with the shell and journal.
This is mainly about looking out for misaligned stuff and clearly unbalanced designs. We're doing pretty ok in this department, so I can't come up with anything from the top of my head.
- Andreas

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