The GNOME logo: Tango Guidelines vs. Logo Guidelines

The "start-here" icon in g-i-t don't follow guidelines for GNOME foot

        "Elements such as outlines, reflections, drop shadows, etc. also
        may not be added to it."
        "The GNOME foot's fill color may be modified (preferably to
        colors in the GNOME palette.) Patterns appropriate to the
        subject matter of the subproject (e.g., a globe pattern for the
        translation team) may be used to fill the GNOME foot logo."

This means that the "start-here" icons shouldn't add the light outline,
and the gradient used to fill it could be inopportune.

But we need both outline and gradient to make icon readable on screen:
the outline, particularly, is useful to distinguish the icon on dark
background (see [2]). So, we can't follow Tango guidelines to produce a
GNOME logo icon.

Could we propose an amendment to logo guidelines? It could be a good
topic for GUADEC.

BTW IMHO we need to provided 2 sets of logo icons: the fist in g-i-t as
"start-here" (maybe using a different color then black.. orange[3]?),
the second one as "gnome-logo" (using standard black) in gnome-desktop
package to replace old and non themeable "gnome-logo-transparent" pixmap

Note that "non themeable" in previous statement means: not available at
different sizes: if I'm right, we are using that 48x48 pixels icon for
System->About GNOME menu entry

Cheers, Luca.


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