Re: FINAL: All backgrounds proposals

Andrea Cimitan wrote:
Il giorno dom, 26/08/2007 alle 12.43 +0200, Lapo Calamandrei ha
I'm not sure your rationale against nature wallpapers works, It's
mostly a personal taste issue. I like the garrett leaf, and it can
nicelly work as a wallpaper since it's a macro photo and it doesn't
have so many details, but it needs some touchups. Anyway space may be
an issue and so if we want to go for an abstarct bg I'd choose the 3rd
or the 4th in your selection. Andreas, what do you think?

Absolutely not just tastes. See the 8 points to support abstract wallz.
Usability, customizable colors (when users will change their gtk theme
in the future), originality, space, resizable/scalable, long-term usage
(months/years), and gnome HIG.

A comparison of the two wallz with various colors (see how tango colors
look better with the tango blue of the abstact wallpaper):
Hi Andrea!
This is the one I'm pushing into trunk (the process seems to be a bit hard though, fixes need to go into different modules and stuff...).
Sorry for any confusion.
- Andreas

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