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Thomas Wood wrote:

Rodney Dawes wrote:

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 20:14 +0000, Thomas Wood wrote:

Personally, I'd like to see GNOME have it's own distinctive style, but I can't see how we could achieve this if we are adopting tango's style.

I think you here, like others often do, are missing the point of the
style guidelines entirely. Look at gnome-icon-theme HEAD, and compare
it to Tango. You'll see the icons are all pretty much still different,
but they don't have horribly conflicting styles.

But presumably they no longer conform to the style guidelines in the hig? I know the hig is only a guideline, but presumably we need to make sure the icon theme and the default theme aren't starting to move apart in terms of colours e.t.c.

Personally, I would much rather avoid maintaining multiple icon themes
with different licensing schemes. And I'm sure that the artists would
also like to avoid maintaining them, for the licensing reasons, as well
as having to maintaing multiple versions of the same icon for different

If it's a licensing issue, then that makes a little more sense. The GNOME icon theme definitely needs to stay GPL until the issues about Creative Commons et al are resolved.

I don't think we should just push to supplant gnome-icon-theme with the
Tango theme. At least, not yet. Keeping gnome-icon-theme around is a
good point to tilt gnome in the direction of the naming spec, and get
the applications migrated. Maybe if we're migrated well enough that we
can get rid of the need for symlinks, by say, 2.16, we can perhaps then
propose to just use the Tango theme for 2.18. I imagine there are still
licensing issues involved though. People do not seem to be taking well
to the fact that the Tango theme is CC-By-SA.

I would actually be in favour of keeping the GNOME icon theme (and most definitely in its simplified form). Licensing is going to be one issue, but I think it doesn't actually help tango if it became the default theme/style in GNOME (e.g. "I'm not using it, it's a GNOME project!").

I also think it would be helpful if GNOME could retain some of it's distinctive style. We're already going to be looking into making sure the default theme stays within the current hig guidelines, so it would be nice if the icon theme would too (i.e. using current hig colours).

Hello Thomas!
I think I'll have to disagree on this one. Icons are primary interface elements, and using them to push a distinctive visual style as a mean to brand your product causes more problems than goods. Having a distinctive style of the icons are really secondary, as you can push your brand into splashscreens, backgrounds, and gdm-screens and whatever you like. I think it is more important to not have a mishmash of styles that creates a unprofessional look. If a app-author wants to have a icon for his app, what style will it have? Gnome, Tango, Crystal, Bluecurve? OSX and Windows kick our asses in this area soo hard. A ISV doing a app for osx knows exactly what style their icon designer should draw in. In Linux (and BSD, Solaris etc.) they have no idea and to some random stuff instead to not offence any of the two big desktops. I think it would be neat if the gnome-palette could be replaced by the tango-palette in the hig. Lots of apps have already started to use the tango-palette and icon-guidelines (and more are coming).
- Andreas

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