Re: Status on improving the icon theme

Il 12 Jun 2003 14:35:54 +0100
Mark Finlay ha scritto:

> Hey everyone,
> I hope by now that some people have joined this list, so I'm not 
> just sending this e-mail to no-one.

I'm someone :)

> I've been talking to Luca and Jimmac about this for the last few
> days. ATM Luca is concentrating on:
>      1. nautilus emblems 
>      2. Application and Action menu 
>      3. Preferences (gnome-control-center) icon 
>      4. Default apps at 32x32 (-> I hope we can switch Application 
> 	menu to this size by default 
>      5. other icons...
> As well as that I have a strong interest in the desktop and nautilus
> so my list is:
> 1. Home icon that isn't a picture of a house
> 2. Better trash icon
> 3. Better icons for mounted filesystems/devices (like cameras and 
> 	partitions)
> 4. Imporoved Folder icons.
> My idea for the folder icons is to use the directory-accept (the icon
> used when you drag something onto a directory) as the directory
> icon, and then do a new directory-accept icon with the folder even
> wider open. Jimmac agrees with me that this would look better and
> is even willing to do up the new folder icons needed. But I'd
> love to get people's reactions to that before we go ahead with it.

this should be a good improvement

> As for Luca's list (which I hope to be involved in too), he has
> already done a lot of work and put a lot of thought into emblems,
> application icons, and preferences icons. We have some unfinished
> html docs that I hope to post up here soon that summarise the 
> changes. After that(and some discussion) I hope to start gradually
> merging his changes into the gnome-icon-theme module so that we don't
> have to do it all at once some time in the future.

I've some concerns about the emblems, particularly the fact that now
(gnome 2.2) is not possibile to add personal emblems to these provided
by default (at least I didn't found the dir where to put the images to
accomplish this while in 2.0 it was easy)

There are some ideas on this front? (I know that this is maybe the wrong
place to ask this, but nevertheless I'm trying :)

As for icons, I think that it could be very useful to have a lot of
other icons for the more commonly used (or diffused) file formats.
Particularly I think that the major graphics programs proprietry file
format icons must be provided (photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw, and so


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