Re: [gnome-summary] bleah..need some help.

> Um, I am as big a fan as anyone of Creative Commons, but which license
> exactly are you planning to use? Having a 'feel free to change stuff'
> license for an interview just seems basically wrong as an interview is
> not a fictional story or 'artistic' creation, but a direct
> representation of the person being interviewed. A reprint at will
> license on the other hand would be a good fit I guess.

Well, for interviews there is a license between the interviewer and the 
interviewee that we have the freedom to change the text for things like 
grammar and that we are obligated to change post a errata if the changes 
causes the meaning to be changed.  Sometimes it might be necessary if the 
person being interviewed is not a native speaker.  

For that I'm not sure what the license be.  An all encompassing license 
doesn't seem right in this scenario.  Perhaps adding interview copyright.  
Not sure.  Comments anyone?


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