Re: <DKIM> Best GUADEC dates for interns?

From my experience, the later GUADEC is, the better.

Begining to mid-August is a good time as enough has been done to be demoed, students received enough of their compensations to travel and it's just before the final "let's polish everything up" rush.

Adrien Plazas

Le ven. 24 août 2018 à 2:25, Ekaterina Gerasimova via gnome-soc-list <gnome-soc-list gnome org> a écrit :
Hi people, this year we had an unfortunate mis-alignment between GUADEC dates and GSoC payments which made it difficult for everyone to come along. We'd like to avoid issues next year *if possible*, so I'd like to hear your opinions as students or recent students from different countries on the two most likely options. Please note that there are other factors at play but we will do our best to make sure everyone has the best chance to attend. I'm expecting that you will have insight at least into exam dates and start/end of term times, and maybe even something we haven't considered. Our options are some time in the first half of July or second half of August. Looking forward to your replies! Kat _______________________________________________ gnome-soc-list mailing list gnome-soc-list gnome org

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