GSoC 2016 Introduction email


My name is Gabriel Ivașcu and I am a third year student at University
POLITEHNICA of Bucharest pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer

This summer I'll be working on introducing a bookmarks sync feature
for GNOME Web [0]. Together with my mentor, Michael Catanzaro [1], we
decided to use Mozilla's servers for this because it would allow users
to seamlessly sync data with Firefox with only a Firefox account, no
configuration required. Part of my job will be implementing Mozilla's
protocol [2] that FxA clients need to use in order to communicate with
the FxA server [3]. Further, I'll move on to implementing the
bookmarks sync and, hopefully, history, passwords and open tabs too in
the near future.

More info about my project can be found on the wiki page [4] and on my
blog [5] where I will be posting about my progress every one or two

I am very excited to be part of this and I hope good things will come
out. Looking forward to the summer!

Gabriel Ivașcu


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