Introduction mail for Gnome logs GSoC project

Hi Everyone,

I am Pranav Ganorkar, a Third year student pursuing B.E. in Computer Engineering from V.E.S Institute of Technology (VESIT), Mumbai. 

I will work on the Gnome GSoC project titled "Improve Search Feature in Gnome Logs" over the course of this summer. 

My Project is about improving the search feature in Gnome Logs. Currently, the search feature does not have any option to select any parameter from which the user would like to search the logs. So, a drop down menu will be added besides the search entry to let the user select the parameters for the search. Also, a "Advanced Options" dialog box will be accessible from the drop down menu which will be provide some of the advanced filtering options provided by journalctl. Another objective of this project is to improve the search performance by refactoring the current search related modules.

Also, a search provider will be written for Gnome Logs to expose it's results to gnome shell. Finally, tests will be written to cross-check the implemented functionality.

Looking forward to a great summer and learning interesting things while working on the GSoC project.


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