Re: Possibility of android app as a gnome project?

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 12:24:10AM +0530, Tejas Nikumbh wrote:
Hm... Okay. What about new application ideas based off GNOME? Is GNOME
open/looking forward to new ideas?

I don't understand why you're asking GNOME. Google Summer of Code is
about getting to know a project, e.g. GNOME. This means GNOME would
guide you to get to know various people, assign someone who knows the
technology and help you on your way.

If you want to work on Android, that any of the usual things described
before is not possible. Nobody to guide you, no need to get to know the
project, etc.

You're welcome to base something off an idea, but I don't understand
what you're expecting.


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