My introduction

Hey all GNOME hackers,

My name is Arth Patel ( IRC nick PioneerAxon ), I am pre-final year Undergrad CSE student from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India.
I have previously worked on sudoku solver and sudoku-board representation in GNOME-Sudoku Vala port. Feel free to contact me for any query on GNOME-Sudoku Vala port..

I am going to work on replacing lex-bison based parser of gcalctool, with a hand-written parser this summer, with my mentor, Robert Ancell.

I am mostly available on IRC channels, #soc, #gnome-games, #vala, #gnome-india on

Together, we will have a great fun this summer.. :)
Happy hacking everyone..

Arth Patel
Vice Chairperson, ACM NIT-Surat.
B.Tech III, 
Computer Engineering,
National Institute of Technology, Surat.

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