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"Hola" Gnome!

My name is Valentín Barros and I'm Spanish. I'm 23 years old and I study Technical Engineering in Computer Systems in A Coruña. I also work as a freelance web developer since 2008 and I've studying (self-taught) programing and other computer-related stuff since I was 16.

My GSoC project consists in adding positional tags to Shotwell to offer the posibility of not only tagging entire photos, but also tagging people or objects in them. You could see all the info. of this project here ( ) and here ( ).

My mentor is Adam Dingle, by the way.

Best regards!

2011/5/2 Seemanta Dutta <seemanta gmail com>
Hello all,
It is nice to meet everyone from across the world in this mailing list :) I am Seemanta Dutta and I too am participating in GSoC this summer. My full project proposal can be found at:
I am originally from India and right now pursuing my masters degree at the University of California San Diego, which has been an excellent experience so far !

Feel free to browse through my personal website at: . And once again, it is really nice to meet you all and wish you all have a great summer hacking for GNOME !


On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 11:02 AM, Stéphane Maniaci <stephane maniaci gmail com> wrote:
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: I was already a GSoC student last year,
so I got to attend GUADEC and it was a lot, lot of fun! Exciting news,
awesome venue, a great spirit and real hackers, don't miss it! I did
coverage on my blog at, if you want to get a

See you there;

- Stéphane.

PS: oh and make sure to pack sports equipment for the all-star, wild
soccer game!

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 10:37 AM, daniel g. siegel <dgsiegel gnome org> wrote:
> stephané, you should tell the other students what a great experience
> guadec is!
> be sure to keep the guadec days free and to join the event!
> daniel
> On Mon, 2011-05-02 at 09:33 -0700, Stéphane Maniaci wrote:
>> Bonjour GNOME !
>> I am Stéphane Maniaci, a french student at the University of Sciences
>> of Montpellier.
>> My goal this summer is to add location-awareness to GNOME Shell, that
>> is, multi-timezones clock and a nice weather applet if everything goes
>> well. I'm going to annoy both Vincent Untz, ex Release Team warrior
>> and gnome-panel/libgweather maintainer, and Dan Winship, also a
>> libgweather maintainer but mostly a GNOME Shell rockstar.
>> Looking forward to see all of us make progress, and meet you at the
>> Desktop Summit!
>> Cheers,
>> - Stéphane.
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