Making GCompris sound more Musical - Weekly Report 3


This week i finished the coding for 'Rhymes-activity' as proposed. I added more options in the property file for every element on the screen. Tweaked using the gtk to get the best appearance possible for the activity. Corrected the bug while sound was played using 'play_and_interrupt' mode. Upon doing the final touches i separated the code and property file totally so that to add more level its enough to edit the property file.

Screenshot :

I started with my next activity - Piano. Seemed simpler to code using the experience from the first activity. For the fun part of it, I had to implement a very similar thing as that of "Google Doodle" that was put up to honour the guitar legend Les Paul. I wish I could right click and save it as gcompris activity ;). For now we can play one octet in the piano-activity using the keys a-k in the keyboard (including minor notes).�

Screenshot :

Next week I might be a little sluggish as I have a very important exam coming up.
I plan to work more on the piano activity like adding levels to make a piano tutor.

Code :�

Branch :�gcomprismusic (

Thanks and Regards,
Karthik Subramanian
GSoC 2011, GNOME
+91 99401 38729
Be Happy always!! :)

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