People Place for Gnome Shell, week 9


This is one day delayed, which I apologize for. I've added a small blogpost here to show where search is at right now:
Additionally, people can access the code right here: git://

I had planned to get quite a bit of work done over the weekend, but due to recent events here in Norway I haven't really done anything since Thursday. By the end of the week I intend to wrap up search and make things look much closer to Alan Day's mockups.
Originally my project also involved a contact browser built into the shell, but that is now covered by Alexander Larsson's Gnome Contacts app. Therefore, once I am done with search I intend to work on various bugs and minor features in shell, until the end of the SoC period. I also want to get rid of the C backend that contact search relies on due to problems interacting with Folks in _javascript_. I don't know if anyone else is currently working on that in Folks, but if not I might want to have a look myself.

Morten Mjelva

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