Location-aware GNOME Shell: weekly report 8 & 9

Hi folks,

Week 8 was focused on my control-center panel, I added more
functionality and robustness to it, and blessed g_variant_ref_sink()
for fixing one of those mysterious ref-counting bugs that keep you
stuck for days. After that I took days off and celebrated my birthday
most of the nights :).

Week 9 I dived into the Shell code, to actually get locations from the
GSettings key, but for some reasons, `jhbuild run gnome-shell` doesn't
seem to use the gsettings-desktop-schema of JHBuild, so I get
segfaults because the location schema doesn't exist. So I'm still
unsure about the sanity of installing gsettings-desktop-schema
system-wide, but until I found a better workaround I might just do it.
Well since I couldn't get the Shell to use the
gsettings-desktop-schema, I got back to control-center, cleaning up
some code, but after that the GSettings key just shows corrupted
values (through dconf-editor). Still can't figure what went wrong, and
checking out my previous copies don't change it either, so maybe
something got wrong when I updated my JHbuild a couple days ago.

Planning for next week is setting up time correctly, and changing
time/timezone as well. Once this is done, I'm not far from my
DesktopSummit goal, having an interface to add/remove timezone, show
them in the shell, and change time according to a location.

Cheers to all,

- Stéphane.

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