Weekly report 9 - Porting Jokosher


This is my late (again, sigh) weekly report for week nine in this
summer of code. Finally I'm sailing stormy waters - trying to port
Gstreamer commands and methods to use PyGI. Start was giving me a hope
that it won't be any harder than doing it for Gtk+. Well, it is much
harder, but that's what I expected. I stuck at
Gst.ElementFactory().create() method (it passes NULL to Gstreamer
instead of provided element name), for which finally filled a report
[1]. I also tried to fix it using gdb and python for debugging it -
not successfully, but this experience will help further down the road.
Finally I spoke with GI developers and they suggested to use Gstreamer
0.11, as it is more up to date with GI and soon enough it will be
basis of new official stable series. So for this week I'm hoping for
success in compiling Gstreamer 0.11 and continue porting.


1. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=655346

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