Adding Positional Tags to Shotwell: Weekly Report 09


[NOTE: You can see a Spanish version of this mail in my personal blog, ]

Last Monday I discovered two big problems in the Faces Tool:
So I've spent almost the whole week correcting this (and a couple of other minor bugs related to the interface), and now you can mix the Crop and Faces tools and everything works OK:
And if the user don't change the Faces, this will be a view-only modification. I mean, if you face-tag a photo, then crop it and then return it to the original, you won't lose your face-tags —you will only lose then if you are watching the face tags in the cropped photo and you press OK button, then you'll lose the Faces that aren't in it.

And the integration with the rotation tool is obvious: If you rotate a photo, all the faces in it will be shown rotated accordingly and in the correct position.

This week I'll continue looking for bugs, and if everything goes OK we are going to start the process of revision of my code quality so when my mentor decide that is it good enough, we will commit the Faces Tool to the master branch and the team will start looking for more errors to correct, since this functionality will be present in the upcoming Sohtwell 0.11.


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