Layout Manager for Nemiver - Weekly Report 09


Two weeks ago I submitted a patch implementing my proposal for review
to my mentor. Last week I updated my patch based on his review, It
took more time to update it than I though it would take, but I am
happy with the result. It should be much easier to add new status
panels, so the review was really welcome and very useful.
Still there will probably need a third revision or more of my patch
before pushing it to

This week I will be working again on the asm syntax highlighting. I
think it will need more work than I expected because I cannot succeed
to highlight correctly the disassembly, the assembly, and the
disassembly + C code within a single .lang file.
I think I could use two .lang files: one for the disassembly (+ C
code) and one for the assembly, the last one could eventually go
This week I could also start working on the reverse debugging, but I
didn't really start talking about it with my mentor so I will contact
him soon about it.

Fabien Parent

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