Improve Shotwell Slideshow - Weekly Report #9

This week wasn't very productive, I'm moving back to my country in
about a week and I had some issues to solve.

I began porting the transitions I wrote to the interface I mentioned
last week and I saw some issues with the API that I can make it
I also began playing with SVG and librsvg so that I can import images
for transitions. It seems straightforward, I just need to figure out
if I include everything in one SVG and filter by ID the elements I
want rendered or if I use one SVG by element. I saw some code to
filter by ID and it seems easy enough, so it might be more interesting
that way. If I can make this work, I could also use SVG for the
toolbar buttons. I started a sketch in Inkscape on how the buttons
should look, but I'm not really a designer, so it didn't came as good
as I thought.

*Alexandre Rosenfeld*

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