Status Report Week 9

   This has been by far my busiest week, I have learned so much and I feel so much more confident to contribute and apply creative thinking now :)

   To clear out what was done, I have to pinpoint that I am still working on feature: .
    So this week:
    - Include files enclosed with <> brackets can be opened now too (I added an item in the right click menu so if regex is mathed it opens the include file in a new tab). Before only include files enclosed with "" could be opened, by searching the current folder. I for now found a simple way to open <> files, by starting the search in the root folder, and if there is a path assigned inside <> like <libanjuta/anjuta-plugin.h> I glue it to the root folder and make a full path to open the file.
      Right now I am working on a modification proposed by mentor, to get all files from the project manager named the same, and use the path from inside <> if assigned to chose the right one, if not, the user should chose their own copy, by choosing from a list that will be shown to him.

    - I dislocated the regex and defined them outside so they are not generated every time the function is used.

    - Read tons of articles and documentation about makefiles,autoconf and automake because I wanted to implement some of that, but despite reading so much it is kind of ahead of my knowledge at the moment :)

    - Got a lot familiar with Ajuta code and style of coding, also GTK+.



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