Making GTG Backend Friendly - Weekly Report 8


Here goes my report for the 8th week.

This Week:

After Google Calendar and Tasks, I have started with Tracks, the online task manager, and can be found at Tracks API uses REST, and I implement it in python using the urllib2 library.�I have been reading on how to use REST in python using urllib2, as I am new to it!

The authentication procedure is Basic HTTP authentication which I have handled now. In Tracks, there are contexts, todos within contexts, and projects. I am indecisive on what is to be synced with GTG, and need to talk with my mentor before deciding and proceeding with that.�

The UI for Tracks is now setup, which takes the username and password and authenticates to Tracks. My launchpad code branch is available at link below.

Next Week:

Since I have left out the UI part of handling authentication in Google Tasks, I need to complete that. I will complete the Tracks backend this week. Since all the backends that follow are based on REST API, I am hoping the work should speed up after Tracks.




Madhu :)

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