Improve Shotwell Slideshow - Weekly Report #8

Hey guys,

Last week I put the video export on hold for a while. Now I'm focusing on transitions again, but this time I do have an idea of what I'm gonna need for the video export.
So I came up with an interface for transitions which both allow the transition to fetch any image other then the current one via signals and also allows for video export being implemented in the future via a advance time function. So far this will be enough for what I want to implement, even the export video feature if I figure a way to get past Clutter's issue.
By the way, I believe a Cairo fallback could provide a good way to export the video, but still use Clutter as the animation framework. This would be hard to implement however, so I will try to implement the Clutter part first and then trying out this idea.

For next week I want to have the photo book transition effect to test my transitions API.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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