Adding Positional Tags to Shotwell: Weekly Report 08


[NOTE: You can see a Spanish version of this mail in my personal blog, ]

Last week I've continued with the same thing of improving the interface. Very tiny things, e.g. now if you move the pointer over a photo, if there is a FaceShape in that area (I mean, if the pointer is over the invisible FaceShape) that FaceShape would be shown —and if the pointer is over more than one FaceShape at the same time, only the one whose center is closer to the pointer would be shown. Also, now the name of the active face (the only one that is visible at certain time) will be bolder than the other names to make more obvious the relation between the FaceShape and it's name on the tool's window.

This week I'm inspecting the code of the tool to try to find bugs to fix —I don't know yet if my mentor will tell me more things to improve.


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