GObject property binding support in Glade - Weekly Report 08


This week is not only GSoC midterm, but my first without course work from my University! Yesterday was also the last lecture this semester, so I will have much, much more time in the second half of GSoC. However, I need to write my exams next week, so I am only able to fully concentrate on coding the week after.

I have done some minor polishing work, though. Property bindings are now automatically removed if their source object is deleted (and re-added if the deletion is undone). More importantly, I also fixed a nasty bug introduced in week 05 which caused Glade to crash when adding a GtkBox to a window. (Strange that I didn't notice that, but oh well :)

With these fixes, support for basic property bindings should be essentially complete and reasonably robust. Therefore, beginning with next week, I will focus on implement support for the advanced features of GObject's property binding system, most notably transformation functions. For this, I'll need to return to my GTK+ branch and add some code there, which might lead to a bit of API being added to GtkBuilder (for connecting transformation functions like gtk_builder_connect_signals() does for signals); I'll send a message to gtk-devel-list to discuss this.

Lastly, let me tell you that this first half of GSoC, while somewhat stressful for me due to my other workload, was already a great deal of fun! I sincerely hope that my admittedly small amount of things I got done in these first eight weeks still live up to your expectations and that I can continue to participate!


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