Status update for GSoC - project Anjuta

    Hello everyone!

    I have already written one status, the first week, but didn't know that I should have in posted here, so take a look if you want:
    I haven't been much active and posting regular status updates this midterm due to personal reasons, as spoken with mentor and coordinator.

    I learned a lot these weeks, which I realised yesterday when I finished my first feature. I did know C++, but have never worked with C before, and also never even saw GTK+ code. I had some troubles diving in, but I have read a lot of GTK+ now, so everything is getting easier.
     I made two patches, one for git and one for svn, that share the same IAnjuta interface, and change their icons now when pulled, commited and updated accordingly. You can check it out here, they are both posted under the same bug: .

     Also finished my first feature yesterday, 6 more to go! Take a look at it here: .
I just realised yesterday how much I enjoy this. The feeling when you have a code ready and working, it is indescribable. This code is rather rough and it needs more twitching, in a sense of making it more sophisticated.

    I am currently working on this feature: , but I will probably finish the first one with the suggestions suggested by my mentor.
    And so, the coding continues :) Hope to see you all in Berlin!

    Tamara Atanasoska

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