Weekly Work Summary- Week 8

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 08

This week has been about fixing up the keyboard for GNOME master release. As you have probably noticed there is now a “Screen Keyboard” addition to the a11y menu where you can turn the keyboard off/on. To prepare for the release I did the following: edited the jhbuild config to make gnome-shell depend on caribou and to build caribou with the flags enabling the IM support, cleaned up the fact that there are two kinds of "hidden", removed message tray code and "tray" button, and set up a log() warning at startup if the GTK_IM_MODULE environment variable isn't set to "caribou". After a git diff with master I was able to send a patch to Dan who then sent it upstream. Already, I've seen a video on the keyboard (and the new login!) thanks to Ray at http://blogs.gnome.org/halfline/2011/07/13/shell-features/, which I found out about from a guy in Berlin who added me on G+ (go figure).

As the week progressed, I started working on getting the message tray functionality running smoothly. This involved a complete redesign of main.js, layout.js, (mostly figuring out the order in which to call objects) and some components of messageTray.js. Once the message tray was working with the fullscale keyboard I realized that the floating keyboard implementation was broken. However, mccann had suggested that we remove this functionality and thus I have no idea what's going on in that department for the moment. With the message tray working properly with the button presses based on the following design: message tray icon in keyboard controls show/hide message tray when keyboard showing, message tray shows in overview/ icon disabled, and message tray functions normally without keyboard. I'm having a bit of trouble graying out the icon, so that the user knows it's not supposed to function in the overview, but I'm sure I'll work that kink out next week.

On that note, if anyone can tell me why “this.button.add_style_pseudo_class('grayed')” doesn't work inside of “Main.overview.connect('hidden'” call, but does work outside of it I'd be much obliged! (I've already checked that a remove_style isn't being called).

So, again my plans for next week seem to be pretty vague at the moment. I'm just going to check in with Dan to see what needs to be done at this point (oh, and the grayed out button, of course).

For my helpful hint this week, here's a great little tip for deleting branches from github (Assuming 'origin is the name of your remote):

git push origin :mybranch


Nohemi Fernandez

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