Re: [Shotwell] Improve Shotwell Slideshow - Weekly Report #7

Hi Alexandre,

Could you send me a current diff of your work just so that I can see
what you're up to? Overall, the work sounds great!

Thanks and take care,

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 8:10 AM, Alexandre Rosenfeld
<alexandre rosenfeld gmail com> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Sorry for the late report.
> This week I got a bit stuck in the problems I had trying to get Clutter to
> export a video (the problem was that clutter_stage_read_pixels is not
> working and crashing the application). I tried looking into the Clutter code
> to find a solution and I found where the error is being raised, but I don't
> know enough about Clutter to know why it happens and what should I do
> differently to avoid it. Sending an email to the Clutter mailing list didnt
> help so far.
> My experiments with timelines and animations seems to tell me it will be
> possible to export a Clutter stage to a GStreamer pipeline just by advancing
> the timelines in Clutter and exporting the stage. This means that using
> Clutter for the animations would make everything easier, which makes these
> errors I'm getting exporting the Clutter stage even more annoying. One
> option I'm thinking is to add the code for exporting the video, together
> with the interface, but don't enable it by default until it actually works
> (and I hope it will work soon).
> *General report*
> *
> *
> We just got to the mid-term evaluations, so this is a report of my work so
> far. You can check my project wiki for more information:
> I started out implementing a Clutter based slideshow, which meant
> integrating Clutter into Shotwell and creating the slideshow controls using
> Clutter. This already allows some cool transition effects without too much
> trouble (Clutter handle a lot of the details of the animations). That
> doesn't mean I've finished my first item in the features list, because even
> if basic effects are easily done, I want to experiment with more advanced
> transitions. However, this dependes on the Export Slideshow as Videos
> features, since the transitions must also be exported. Right now, which I
> indicate above, I'm having troubles with the Export feature.
> The Background Music feature was completed, aside from a few minor features
> still missing. I really like the end result, which integrates with Banshee
> to select a playlist while showing your pictures and is flexible enough to
> be easily extended to support other sources of music in the future.
> I would say the project is about half-completed, since one of the three big
> features is complete and the other two are about half-completed, so it
> brings the poject to be more or less on schedule.
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> *
> *Alexandre Rosenfeld*
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