Making GTG more Backend Friendly - Weekly Report 06/07


Sorry I missed out a weekly report... College's reopened and was unable to get anything done last week. This week was good though.

Progress this week:

I continued on the Google Tasks backend. I started out with registering my application on the Google API console, which generated consumer and developer keys for OAuth authentication. The Tasks API functions at 2 levels - Tasklists and Tasks. Each Tasklist is a group of tasks, and in GTG, I had to only work at the Task level. Adding, Deleting and Updating tasks, were pretty much the same as Calendar, with just different API calls. So now the backend is up and working, and some fine tuning in authentication, and choosing which task lists to import, should finish it. The link to my code repo can be found below[1].

Next Week:
The next backend on my list is Tracks. However, I would first take a few days to clean up code, write documentation and reports for the mid term, before starting with Tracks.

[1]�Code -�


Madhu :)

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